Redefining Seduction: Women Initiating Courtship, Partnership, and Peace.

By Donna Oehm Sheehan & Paul Reffell


January13, 2008

Do you want to find that road that will not only change your life but will complement it at the same time?

REDEFINING SEDUCTION will certainly take you there with information, questions and quizzes regarding seduction hints, ultimate feminine powers, to seduce or not to seduce, on-line dating, do's and don'ts, equal partnership, surviving first dates, controlling conversation through positive gestures, self-acceptance, sexual confidence and more.

You will learn how the ability of a healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance plays a huge role in meeting the right match for you and achieving the relationship that you want in your life.

You will understand the reasoning behind making the right choices for you and your partner. That is what it is all about, is it not?

You will learn the importance of your own outlook at relationships defines your partner’s ability to be an individual also.

The authors goal in writing this book is to educate women of all ages and status to not only know their powers where their male partner is concerned but how to use those powers to benefit both sides. In other words women, you are behind the wheel in the ride toward a healthy seduction! This in turn relieves the men of having to be the only one in charge of the seduction stage.

REDEFINING SEDUCTION reminds us of Darwin's Theory of Sexual Selection, the process by which females of almost all animal species do the choosing of mates, can very much be called the backbone to REDEFINING  SEDUCTION. highly recommends REDEFINING  SEDUCTION as a very well-written, decisive and to-the-point, must-have learning tool. This book will lead its reader on a path of truths that have always been there, just never really understood, or even hushed. Truths of women initiating sex, courtship, partnership and peace. This book will not only prepare its reader but will also put you on the right road toward the ultimate relationship.



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