Seduction Redefined
Seduction Redefined emphasizes the Darwinian evolution of human sexuality and the societal implications of having a harmonious culture led by compassionate female-brained advisors rather than men who are constantly at conflict with their own maleness and aggressive tendencies.

If "woman-brained" leaders would eventually dominate the governing roles of the world's warring nations, the planet would be selecting for a constructive and nurturing environment, rather than the antagonist crisis climate which has been historically repeated over the last several centuries.

Seduction Redefined places the power in women to transform culture and society using qualities which are engrained genetically in brain chemistry and physiology unique to that gender.

Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell reveal the mechanisms through their writings that should instigate discussion about the role of human relationship(s) in bringing about a future of harmony and peace.

Jonathan Artz, M.D., Neurologist

REVIEW: Seduction Redefined
North Bay Bohemian, April 4, 2012.

By Jacquelynne Ocaña.

In 'Seduction Redefined' (Pioneer Imprints; $19), authors Donna Oehm Sheehan and Paul Reffell divide and conquer the millennia-old belief that men have the upper hand at choosing their mate. According to the authors—and Charles Darwin, and the animal kingdom in general—it is in fact females who are biologically predetermined to choose among parading males for the best mate to sustain the species and the world.

This straightforward, candid analysis of Darwin's theory of sexual selection redefines what we believe to be the rules for seduction, including eliminating outdated notions that men must initiate courtship. The book also provides a look into longstanding cultural practices, like organized religion and Hollywood fantasies, that have kept women disempowered throughout history. By tolerating destructive behavioral traits, women permit the rise of patriarchal societies full of tyrannical, dysfunctional males, thus sharing the responsibility for global wars and the destruction of the environment.

But hope prevails! By nurturing mindful men, comfortable with embracing feminine intelligence, humanity can solve many of the world's problems. Sheehan resides in the west Marin County community of Marshall and, with Reffell, is the force behind the pro-peace organization, staging global photographs of thousands of (mostly) naked women in formations of peace slogans and symbols.

"Using the Darwinian claim that it is the females in a species who choose their male mates, in this provocative book that tilts at the contemporary theoretical windmills of essentialism and sociobiological reductionism, Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell hold out hope for the possibility of effective action by women who yearn for a relationship with a man.In moving ‘from patriarchy to partnership’ they characterize men, behind their ‘Alpha’ masks of confident, and even aggressive, stereotypical masculinity, as fragile in ways that align with Camille Paglia’s claims, and as fearful of rejection by women.

Specifying a strategy of making men comfortable in the presence of women and attempting to heal some ways in which a stern and earnest feminism may have backfired on women, Sheehan and Reffell promise that seduction led by women can be passionate, playful, joyous, and most of all, effective and justified, indeed virtually mandated by biological precedent among primates.They advocate relationships initiated on this vision of gender equality as a microcosm of what could become a template for egalitarian partnership throughout society."

Margaret Mackenzie Ph.D., Anthropologist

"Authors Sheehan and Reffell define themselves as "evolutionary behaviorists."  If you haven't heard this term before, it's because Sheehan and Reffell invented it -- with good reason.  They've also come up with a powerful perspective on the complex relationship between males and females.  And if you're wondering why BoBuReview likes this book so much, it's because the gender wars are one of the biggest sources of transnational suffering on the planet, which Redefining Seduction could go a long toward reducing."

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"Picking up from Darwin's theory of Sexual Selection, [Seduction Redefined] is an audacious and evocative look at male and female sexuality and the mating game. The premise of women as being in the evolutionary driver’s seat will undoubtedly have huge implications for generations to come. A definite must-read "

Lesley Osman, M.A. MFT.,

“Not another book on gender issues? Yes, and finally a foundation on gender to which I can teach. How necessary it is! Finally, a fresh and fascinating look at exactly what is going on inside us when men and women get together.”

John J. Scherer, Author of Work and the Human Spirit.

[Seduction Redefined] seems a breath of relief for women... Contrary to the Rules of the mid-1990s, from this approach women are informed that they can take the driver’s seat, be flirtatious and assertive, and still win that prized mate.

Rosemarie Sokol, Ph.D., Social Anthropologist

"Why is it that the smallest and simplest of books tend to be the most powerful?

Is it because they present to the reader ideas, concepts, theories, or proposals that are already implanted in the back of people's minds that make enormous sense? Or is it because the ideas represent the kinetic power that has been hidden away for centuries and appear unstoppable once the science of truth unleashes them?........."

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"Do you want to find that road that will not only change your life but will complement it at the same time? [Seduction Redefined] will certainly take you there with information, questions and quizzes regarding seduction hints, ultimate feminine powers, to seduce or not to seduce, on-line dating, do's and don'ts, equal partnership, surviving first dates, controlling conversation through positive gestures, self-acceptance, sexual confidence and more......................."

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"Donna & Paul's personal story of coming together along with their years of research had led them to realize that, as activists, the greatest positive impact of their lives could be restoring the innate power of female seduction to its rightful place.  Interweaving their love story with Darwin's sexual selection theory, they create a compelling call for change. Seduction Redefined rescues feminine seduction from its negative connotations, restoring its rightful place as an essential feminine skill....."

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"With deeply personal, insightful and funny stories about their own courtship, and practical, wise counsel on partnering successfully, this fascinating book is about much more than finding and sustaining life-affirming partnership. It teaches us about creating a world of our own conscious choosing and building a culture of peace."

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"I LOVE Seduction Redefined! My fiancé and I attended the workshop and felt completely embraced by Donna and Paul - so much love there! I purchased the book and highly recommend the book for all lovers new and old. My fiancé and I read a little bit of it to each other every night before we go to sleep. It is a great opener for conversation and intimacy. Wonderfully written with both genders' perspectives. We love it and are telling all our friends about it!"

"It's the best thing that two lovers can take into bed with them. Not just for couples, especially good for both sexes to read to understand and celebrate the differences between us!"

Jaye Alison Moscariello, Artist,

"Bravo to your good work."

Helen Fisher, Ph.D., Anthropologist, Author,'s Chief Scientific Advisor

"I did want to let you know that my daughter's seduction of a young man has turned into a thriving relationship from which both benefit, and which illustrates your theory beautifully. She chose him. He was missing his old girlfriend. They came together and apart a few times, finally he moved in with her. She felt ambivalent for some time - "should I keep him or not?" - but finally decided to, and he responded, and now he is finding himself through her in his world. They are currently very happy together, and his mother has offered to buy them a house. Talk about seduction! Basically she helped him find himself through her expression of the world, which he now belongs to and benefits from. Thanks!"

K.C. - a proud mother

"I read your book and took your advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am now in a healthy, passionate relationship with a man sixteen years my junior. It is refreshing to have a partner who genuinely respects women."

Denise Caramagno, 50-something mother of two and social worker

"I love your book. Had left it out and my 25 year old daughter gained wisdom from it.

I will say that what you write has me repeating over and over in my mind, "Well, of course!"

Interesting to me that we as humans are so disconnected from intuitive truth."

Dorisse - Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner